1. How does genyoutube work?

genyoutube records accounts from customer made substance. When you execute a chase, it records results from the coordinated accounts which customers exchanged. When you have to watch a video, it streams direct from the host site to your phone, through our servers. Our servers do the constant work of transcoding (planning) the stream on-the-fly to manage your phone and your framework. You ought to just chase, watch and capitalize on our service.

2. May I keep the downloads on my phone?

Absolutely NO, this is a "watch or listen just" organization, if its all the same to you read <Terms of Use> for details.

3. Why sound quality is low?

We trust sound quality is adequate for a "watch or listen just" service.

4. Is this a free service?

Yes. Genyoutube does not charge customers for watching accounts. Regardless, standard data charges (for web get to) may apply through your carrier.

5. How might I see chronicles in full-screen?

On the video playback page, click on the video interface you need. In your phone's media player menu, ensure that the 'Full screen' elective is selected.

6. I can't watch chronicles from genyoutube on my device?

Please guarantee that your phone supports video playback. In the event that it's not all that much inconvenience in like manner ensure that your carrier does not square video playback.

7. I get "Error experienced in the midst of XML parse" botch message on my Blackberry.

Ensure that your program mimicking mode is set to 'Firefox' under program choices. You may in like manner try presenting Opera Mini for a prevalent audit experience.

8. Envision a situation where the media player hangs while playing a considerable video or my contraption crashes?

Your device memory may be full. In your program menu, go to 'Choices' and select 'Hold Operations' to clear the store. If this still doesn't help, you may need to reset your device.

9. I can't watch gigantic videos?

Your transporter/affiliation may control the playback gauge. We have given a choice to watch the video in bits of 1 minute each. On the video playback page, click on Parts 1,2,3,...

10. I'm on a Blackberry and my chronicles play for only 10 seconds?

You may use the neighborhood program on your contraption. Use the media-net program instead.

11. I can hear sound yet I don't see an image when I play the video on my Blackberry?

Ensure that your program mirroring mode is set to 'Blackberry'. [Browser Menu - > Options - > Emulation mode - > Blackberry ]

12. I can't watch chronicles on my Blackberry 8700.

The 8700 plan don't have media players certain and thusly you can't watch accounts. You may have a go at downloading a pariah media player to play videos.

13. What are the codec/encoding nuances of each video/sound arrangement on genyoutube?

3GP Video Regular Quality => 3GPP(H.263/AMRNB)
3GP Video High Quality => 3GPP(MP4/AAC)
3GP Video Parts => 3GPP(H.263/AMRNB)
3GP Video Preview => 3GPP(H.263/AMRNB)
MP4 Video => MP4(H.264/HEv2-AAC)
MP4 Audio => MP4(HEv2-AAC)

14. MP4 chronicles are not working!

MP4 accounts are encoded using H.264 Baseline Profile Level 3 video and HE-AAC v2 sound. Verify that your phone show reinforces these codecs. Then again you can click 3GP Hi video which is open for every substance and supported by more phones on the market.

15. Not all chronicles have MP4 Video and MP4 Audio interpretations. Why?

Only top watched chronicles are having these structures since encoding MP4 Video/Audio (especially with H264/HEv2-AAC codecs) take in reality long time.